Structured pharmacist-led intervention programme to improve medication adherence in COPD patients: A randomized controlled study

Author: Abdulsalim, S. Country/countries: India Number of patients participating in the study: 260 This study was focused on patients living with COPD
Intervention analysed in the study: Usual Care Plus Intervention components: UCP
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Setting of implementation: N/A Professionals delivering the intervention: N/A Targeted self-management behaviours: N/A
Intervention analysed in the study: Education based intervention Intervention components: E
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Setting of implementation: Outpatient care (hospital) Professionals delivering the intervention: Pharmacists Targeted self-management behaviours: Cessation or reduction of alcohol and other harmful consumptions, Condition-specific behaviours, Medication use and adherence, Physical activity /exercise

Outcomes measured in the study

Outcome Measure Tool
Adherence to treatment and recommended visits Adherence to medication Morisky Medication Adherence Scale-8 (MMAS-8),
Qualiy of life Quality of life (specific-disease instruments) N/A

Patient characteristics

Age: 60.85 years (+/- a standard deviation of 8.15) Gender: N/A Time since diagnosis of COPD: N/A Severity of the disease: 43.15 (+/- a standard deviation of 14.6) Multi-morbidity: N/A
  • Number of co-morbidities: N/A

Level of health literacy: N/A
  • Tool: N/A

Socio-economic characteristics: N/A

Risk of Bias of this study

Outcome Random sequence generation Allocation concealment Blinding performance Blinding detection objective outcomes assessment Attrition incomplete outcome Incorrect statistical methods Recruitment bias Selective outcome reporting
Adherence to treatment and recommended visits - Adherence to medication

Other publications associated with this study

Effectiveness of clinical pharmacist intervention on health-related quality of life in chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder patients - a randomized controlled study Link: 10.1111/jcpt.12353