No RCTs were found
Self-management interventions Outcomes measured in the study  
Effects of yoga versus hydrotherapy training on health-related quality of life and exercise capacity in patients with heart failure: A randomized controlled study Hagglund, E. Heart Failure
Emotional-based behavioural techniques

Education based intervention
Exercise capacity (including effort test), Quality of life
Impact of Telemonitoring on Health Status in Patients with Heart Failure Jayaram, N. Heart Failure
Monitoring techniques delivered remotely
Quality of life
Home health care with telemonitoring improves health status for older adults with heart failure Madigan, E. Heart Failure
Monitoring techniques
Quality of life
Motivational interviewing to improve self-care for patients with chronic heart failure: MITI-HF randomized controlled trial Masterson Creber, R. Heart Failure
Action-based and emotional-based behavioural techniques and shared decision making
Hospital admissions, Quality of life, Self-efficacy