The effects of mobile text messages on raising knowledge of men with type 2 diabetes, Isfahan, 2015: an educational experimental study

Author: Goodarzi, F. Country/countries: N/A Number of patients participating in the study: 76 This study was focused on patients living with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Intervention analysed in the study: Usual Care Intervention components: UC
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Setting of implementation: N/A Professionals delivering the intervention: N/A Targeted self-management behaviours: N/A
Intervention analysed in the study: Education delivered remotely Intervention components: E+R
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Setting of implementation: Virtual location Professionals delivering the intervention: Educator Targeted self-management behaviours: Condition-specific behaviours

Outcomes measured in the study

Outcome Measure Tool
Knowledge Knowledge N/A

Patient characteristics

Age: 57.5 years (+/- a standard deviation of 8.4) Gender: N/A Time since diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: N/A Severity of the disease: N/A Multi-morbidity: N/A
  • Number of co-morbidities: N/A

Level of health literacy: N/A
  • Tool: N/A

Socio-economic characteristics: N/A