No RCTs were found
Self-management interventions Outcomes measured in the study  
Case management for patients with chronic systolic heart failure in primary care: the HICMan exploratory randomised controlled trial Peters-Klimm, F. Heart Failure
Monitoring and emotional-based behavioural techniques
Hospital admissions, Mortality, Quality of life, Self-efficacy
Pilot Testing of a Medication Self-Management Transition Intervention for Heart Failure Patients Barnason, S. Heart Failure
Emotional-based behavioural techniques delivered remotely
Adherence to medication or other treatment, Quality of life
Impact of a comprehensive telephone-based disease management programme on quality-of-life in patients with heart failure Ramachandran, K. Heart Failure
Monitoring and action-based behavioural techniques and social support delivered in groups
Exercise capacity (including effort test), Quality of life
A Novel Rehabilitation Intervention for Older Patients With Acute Decompensated Heart Failure: The REHAB-HF Pilot Study Reeves, G. R. Heart Failure
Monitoring and action-based behavioural techniques
Exercise capacity (including effort test), Hospital admissions, Quality of life