No RCTs were found
Self-management interventions Outcomes measured in the study  
Effects of a hospital-based education programme on self-care behaviour, care dependency and quality of life in patients with heart failure--a randomised controlled trial Koberich, S. Heart Failure
Monitoring and action-based behavioural techniques
Quality of life, Self-efficacy
Effects of Coping Skills Training on Quality of Life, Disease Biomarkers, and Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Heart Failure: A Randomized Clinical Trial Sherwood, A. Heart Failure
Education delivered remotely

Action-based and emotional-based behavioural techniques delivered remotely
Adherence to medication or other treatment, Exercise capacity (including effort test), Hospital admissions, Mortality, Quality of life
Effects of yoga versus hydrotherapy training on health-related quality of life and exercise capacity in patients with heart failure: A randomized controlled study Hagglund, E. Heart Failure
Emotional-based behavioural techniques

Education based intervention
Exercise capacity (including effort test), Quality of life
Health Status and Self-care Outcomes After an Education-Support Intervention for People With Chronic Heart Failure Clark, A. P. Heart Failure
Monitoring and emotional-based behavioural techniques
Quality of life, Self-efficacy