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Diseases in which it has been tested Outcomes  
Action-based and emotional-based behavioural techniques, shared decision making and social support T2DM, Heart Failure 2 Dietary habits, HbA1C, Knowledge, Physical activity, Quality of life, Self-efficacy, Self-management behaviours, Self-monitoring, Weight (management)
Action-based and emotional-based behavioural techniques without provision of educational information T2DM 1 Blood-pressure, HbA1C, Lipid profile, Long-term complications, Physical activity, Quality of life, Weight (management)
Action-based behavioural techniques Obesity 1 Healthy nutrition habits/personalized nutrition
Action-based behavioural techniques T2DM, Heart Failure, COPD, Obesity 81 Adherence, Adherence to medication or other treatment, Blood-pressure, Body Weight (Management), COPD symptoms (short term), Caregiver quality of life, Comorbidities managament, Coping with the disease, Coping with the disease, including depression and anxiety, Dietary habits, Exercise capacity (including effort test), Experience of care, HbA1C, Healthy nutrition habits/personalized nutrition, Hospital admissions, Hyperglycemia, Hypoglycaemia, Knowledge, Lipid profile, Lung Function, Mortality, Number of emergency room visits and admissions, Physical Activity, Physical activity, Physical activity / Muscle strenght, Quality of life, Quality of life-Physical and psychological functioning, Qualiy of life, Self-efficacy, Self-management behaviours, Self-monitoring, Weight (management), Weight management