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The Exercise Planning and Scheduling Scale (EPS)items were generated from the authors’ pilot study and included items related to scheduling and planning exercise as part of one's daily routine. Participants rated 10 EPS items on a 5-point scale ranging from 1 (does not describe) to 5 (describes completely).
Year: 2002 Authors: Rovniak Disease: Obesity Outcome: Self-efficacy
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Measure: Exercise Self-efficacy
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Number of RCTs that used this tool (in our study): 1
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Scale: Higher scores are better Reference: Rovniak, L. S., Anderson, E. S., Winett, R. A., & Stephens, R. S. (2002). Social Cognitive Determinants of Physical Activity in Young Adults: A Prospective Structural Equation Analysis. [Article]. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 24(2), 149.
Target population: General population Focus Generic Translations available: Yes Original version validated: Unclear Original language: English Form of delivery: Self-reported Licence needed: Unclear 10.1207/S15324796ABM2402_12