For this test, a person has to perform either 10 or 16 physical activities. The activities progress from easy to more difficult. All activities contribute to a CS-PFP total score, but also to 5 domain scores including: upper extremity strength, upper extremity flexibility, lower extremity strength, balance and coordination, and endurance.
Year: 2005 Authors: Cress et al. Disease: Heart Failure Outcome: Exercise capacity (including effort test)
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Measure: Exercise capacity
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Number of RCTs that used this tool (in our study): 1
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Scale: Higher scores are better, scores range 0-100 Reference: Cress, M. E., Petrella, J. K., Moore, T. L., & Schenkman, M. L. (2005). Continuous-scale physical functional performance test: validity, reliability, and sensitivity of data for the short version. Physical Therapy, 85(4), 323-335.
Target population: General population Focus Generic Translations available: Unclear Original version validated: Yes Original language: English Form of delivery: Medical examination Licence needed: Unclear 10.1093/ptj/85.4.323