The S-Weight and P-Weight are two self-report questionnaires respectively investigating the SOC and the processes of change. The S-Weight consists of five mutually exclusive items; respondents are asked to choose one of the five SOC to be allocated to among Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, and Maintenance. The S-Weight is designed to measure the SOC as applied to weight management asking respondents to choose the answer that best corresponds to their current weight-loss situation.
Year: 2011 Authors: Andrès Disease: Obesity Outcome: Patient activation
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Measure: Motivation and readiness to change
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Number of RCTs that used this tool (in our study): 1
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Scale: Higher scores are better Reference: Andrés, A., Saldaña, C., Gómez-Benito, J. (2011). The transtheoretical model in weight management: Validation of the processes of change questionnaire. Obesity Facts, 4, 433–442.
Target population: General population Focus Disease specific Translations available: Yes Original version validated: Yes Original language: English Form of delivery: Self-reported Licence needed: No 10.1159/000335135