The DCA is self-administered and consists of 234 items including demographic information, self-care practices, and 116 questions divided into 16 profile scales with 4 to 19 questions per scale. The 16 profile scales assess control problems, social and personal factors, positive attitude, negative attitude, self-care ability, importance of care, self-care adherence, diet adherence, medical barriers, exercise barriers, monitoring barriers, understanding management practice, long-term care benefits, support needs, support, and support attitudes.
Year: 1996 Authors: Fitzgerald et al. Disease: T2DM Outcome: Knowledge
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Measure: Knowledge
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Number of RCTs that used this tool (in our study): 4
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Scale: Unclear Reference: Fitzgerald, J. T., Davis, W. K., Connell, C. M., Hess, G. E., Funnell, M. M., & Hiss, R. G. (1996). Development and validation of the Diabetes Care Profile. Evaluation & the health professions, 19(2), 208–230.
Target population: General population Focus Disease specific Notes Diabetes patients with and without insulin treatment Translations available: Yes Original version validated: Yes Original language: English Form of delivery: Self-reported Licence needed: Yes 10.1177/016327879601900205