The European Heart Failure Self-care Behavior Scale (EHFScBS-9) is a patient-reported outcome (PRO) questionnaire to measure self-care behavior of heart failure (HF) patients. Self-care behavior reflects actions undertaken to maintain life, healthy functioning, and well-being.
Year: 2017 Authors: Wagenaar et al. Disease: Heart Failure Outcome: Self-efficacy
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Measure: Self-efficacy
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Number of RCTs that used this tool (in our study): 17
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Scale: Higher scores are better, scores range 0-100 Reference: Wagenaar, K. P., Broekhuizen, B. D., Rutten, F. H., Strömberg, A., van Stel, H. F., Hoes, A. W., & Jaarsma, T. (2017). Interpretability of the european heart failure self-care behaviour scale. Patient preference and adherence, 11, 1841.
Target population: General population Focus Disease specific Notes HF patients Translations available: Yes Original version validated: Yes Original language: English Form of delivery: Self-reported Licence needed: Unclear 10.2147%2FPPA.S144915

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