No RCTs were found
Self-management interventions Outcomes measured in the study  
A new pulmonary rehabilitation maintenance strategy through home-visiting and phone contact in COPD Li, Y. COPD
Monitoring and action-based behavioural techniques
COPD symptoms (short term), Coping with the disease, including depression and anxiety, Physical activity / Muscle strenght, Qualiy of life
An explanatory randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led, consultation-based intervention to support patients with adherence to taking glucose lowering medication for type 2 diabetes Farmer, A. T2DM
Action-based and emotional-based behavioural techniques
Adherence, Experience of care, HbA1C, Quality of life
An extended theory of planned behavior intervention for older adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease White, K. M. T2DM
Action-based behavioural techniques delivered in groups
Dietary habits, Physical activity
An integrated intervention program to control diabetes in overweight Chinese women and men with type 2 diabetes Sun, J. T2DM
Monitoring and emotional-based behavioural techniques delivered in groups
Blood-pressure, Dietary habits, HbA1C, Lipid profile, Weight (management)