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The MSAS questionnaire evaluate twenty-four of the symptoms with respect to frequency, severity, and distress, and a further eight symptoms are evaluated in terms of severity and distress. Each symptom is recorded as being either present or absent and, if present, is rated using a four-point rating scale (1–4) for frequency and severity, and a five-point scale (0–4). If a symptom is present, the symptom score is an average of the total of all scores within these dimensions
Year: 1994 Authors: Portenoy et al. Disease: COPD Outcome: COPD symptoms (short term)
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Measure: General COPD symptoms
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Number of RCTs that used this tool (in our study): 1
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Scale: Lower scores are better Reference: Portenoy, R. K., Thaler, H. T., Kornblith, A. B., Lepore, J. M., Friedlander-Klar, H., Kiyasu, E., ... & Scher, H. (1994). The Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale: an instrument for the evaluation of symptom prevalence, characteristics and distress. European Journal of Cancer, 30(9), 1326-1336.
Target population: General population Focus Generic Translations available: Yes Original version validated: Yes Original language: English Form of delivery: Self-reported Licence needed: Yes 10.1016/0959-8049(94)90182-1